Patio Cover Builders in Reno & Northern Nevada

patio covers solid 300x226 Patio Cover Builders in Reno & Northern NevadaReno Patio & Fireplaces proudly serves Reno and Northern Nevada building patio covers that add beauty, style and functionality that last a lifetime. Our patio covers provide a unique alternative for adding a comfortable outdoor living area as well as cooling your home and lowering your energy costs.  We would love to meet with you to discuss enhancing your outdoor patio living area by providing shade or protection with our Vinyl, Aluminum, & Wood patio covers.

Patio Covers Choices and Options
patio covers options 300x182 Patio Cover Builders in Reno & Northern NevadaThere are many choices when it comes to finding the right shade structure for your patio or outdoor porch area. If you’re looking for the best combination of functionality and appearance, along with a lifetime transferable warranty, you should really look into Vinyl Patio Covers.  Vinyl options come with louvers for a mostly shaded patio area, or solid tops for a fully shaded dry area, or combining both together.  We also offer Aluminum Patio Covers that will add outdoor recreational space to your homes entertainment area.  Aluminum patio covers  provides all the authentic look and benefits of real wood, but without the maintenance!

Vinyl Patio Covers in Reno & Northern Nevada
There are many choices Vinyl Patio Covers 300x216 Patio Cover Builders in Reno & Northern NevadaLooking for a patio cover that is built to last?  Vinyl Patio Covers are engineered to last through even the most severe wind and weather. It can handle the wetness that you get with rain and snow, and is equally durable with the hot summer sun beating down on it.  Another reason to consider vinyl is the amount of maintenance required. Essentially there is almost none. About the only thing you’ll need to do is clean it when it gets dirty, but cleaning is a breeze. Normally a sharp spray with a garden hose will do, and a couple of times a year you may need to wipe it down with soap and water. That’s it. Easy to maintain, even easier to enjoy.

Aluminum Patio Covers builder in Reno and Northern Nevada
Aluminum patio1 300x188 Patio Cover Builders in Reno & Northern NevadaOur Aluminum Patio Covers are manufactured from structural grade aluminum and coated with a baked on weather-resistant polyester paint system that withstands the harshest environmental elements. During the manufacturing process an embossing pattern is applied which gives the look and feel of real Rough-Sawn wood.   Aluminum will never: burn, attract termites, crack, peel, warp, or rot. And because Aluminum is maintenance free and backed by a lifetime warranty, you can count on years of worry-free beauty and functionality!

Patio Cover Builders in Reno & Northern Nevada
patio cover builder 300x220 Patio Cover Builders in Reno & Northern NevadaReno Patio & Fireplaces is excited to offer vinyl and aluminum patio covers options to provide you the best patio covers in Reno & Northern Nevada.  Our materials and brands are the best in the industry, and combine it with our quality craftmanship, you will have enjoyable outdoor living space with shade or protection you desire.

Wood Patio Covers & Awnings
For the customer that requests a more natural enhancement to their home, or need to provide support for a snow load in Lake Tahoe, Reno Patio & Fireplaces offers wood patio covers to those clients.  We will work with the homeowner to plan and build and custom Wood Patio Cover or awning for their home.

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